The Hemophilia Drug Development Summit is a dedicated industry platform that will address the most pressing challenges in the broad spectrum of novel therapies in the treatment of hemophilia.

Learn from the strategic approaches taken by the leading industry experts to:

  • Optimize patient-centric approaches to ensure patient engagement
  • Gain insight into mechanisms in next generation therapies to understand the biological impacts
  • Truly understand the factors that influence patients to adopt novel therapies
  • Explore how to define endpoints in the era of new drugs

Be part of the cross-industry discussions set to advance innovative hemophilia therapies that will transform the lives of patients. Leave the meeting with new insights in long term impacts of revolutionary extended half-life products, non-factor products and gene therapy

"This was a well-balanced mix of speakers representing early and late drug development efforts, sharing both approaches that have worked and ones that have failed. We often only hear the success stories, but one can learn maybe even more from the failures."

Gerhard Niederfellner, Ablynx NV