Advance the Next Generation of Safe & More Effective Therapies for Bleeding Disorders

With the recent Hemlibra approval and the gene therapy revolution, we are seeing a much-needed race to innovate more effective, long-lasting and curative therapies for hemophilia and acquired bleeding disorders.

As such, the 3rd Hemophilia Drug Development Summit is going digital and remains dedicated to bringing to patients more effective commercially and clinically translated therapies from small molecules to gene therapies to improve patients’ quality of life.

Bringing together dozens of the world’s leading experts and drug developers, we discuss how to develop new therapies for a responsive subset of hemophiliac patients, optimize clinical trial development (setup and management) and discuss the patient/payer paradigm to ensure these novel therapies are affordable and accessible.

Brought direct to your home office with a jam packed agenda and online virtual networking opportunities, this exclusive virtual summit will delve into the challenges of treating each patient subset, as well as hearing the latest advancements in gene therapy and discussing the critical hurdles that need to be overcome to meet the unmet clinical need of all patients.

Join us as we unite drug developers and researchers on a dedicated online platform and look to the innovation driving the field towards more long-acting and curative therapies to improve patient quality of life.

Access the official 2020 program to see the topics that will be addressed.

"This meeting is an excellent opportunity to discuss current and future advancements in hemophilia therapies that will ultimately improve patients’ quality of life. Details of new knowledge and development strategies can be exchanged in a supportive and stimulating environment."

Brahm Goldstein, CSL Behring

"This is a unique opportunity to share knowhow, learn from bright minds and enjoy interacting with speakers and participants. This field is progressing so fast that keeping up-to-date with this type of conferences is a must. Thanks!"

Oscar Segurado, ASC Therapeutics