Improving Patient Access to Gene Therapy Through Novel Payer and Reimbursement Strategies

Time: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


With the iminent approval of gene therapy, existing payment approaches need to be reassessed to ensure better patient access and better value for across the system. Engaging with payers and providers to evaluate and innovate more value-based payments will be key to the success of gene therapy in the real world. The National Hemophilia Foundation is actively working with patients, payers and providers to improve management of the costs of hemophilia treatments. In this workshop, learn about the work of the Comprehensive Care Sustainability Collaborative in improving payer and provider engagement.

Attendees will discuss:

  • Understanding what payers are looking for to evidence the curative or long-lasting benefit of gene therapy
  • Alternative payment strategies to address affordability of gene therapy
  • Challenges around implementation of new payment models